Welcome to PUSCraft!

This is our donation store where you can buy Ranks and Items for the Survival or SkyBlock servers! Please understand that any purchase made here are final but in the event of server crashes or rollbacks, any purchases lost will be redeemed.

Any updates or news regarding the server will be announced here!

What is "PUS" Craft?

The acronym started as a joke meaning "Pure Unadulterated SkyBlock" when i first started working on the SkyBlock server, initially to just play with a friend but ended up becoming a public server for everyone to enjoy!

Later i thought it would be good to have a variety of servers and thought that the acronym would go well with a Survival server, "Pure Unadulterated Survival". I swear its not an innuendo for you know what...

Donator Rank

Donator rank is obtained by buying/donating to any item in the store apart from Ranks.

Perks Include:

  • /book
  • /clear
  • /helpop
  • /ignore
  • /kit donator
  • /warp pcreate, /warp create (5 private - 1 public)
  • 2 homes

Vote for the Server!

You can earn Vote Crate Keys by voting for the server using the below links. Keys can be used at /warp crates!








If you have any legitimate inquiries regarding an issue with a donation, please send a message to our support channel on Discord

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You can also email linuxman@linuxman.co for issues regarding a donation.